Precision Signs is constantly upgrading its procedures and equipment to meet the highest standards in service, manufacturing and environmental conservation. This includes voluntarily complying with guidelines made by LEED, OSHA, USGBC and include waste reduction, energy consumption, recycling and employee safety. When designing and fabricating products, we continually provide input to educate our clients ensuring them that they are receiving the best quality products, incorporating sustainable materials and processes – all at a cost-effective price.

Our products are designed for extended life and environmental safety. We are able to produce signs with these features in a number of different ways. By computerizing our production process we gain the maximum yield, which cuts material waste. When practical, we assemble components mechanically, without chemical-based adhesives, making it easier for the sign to be broken down and recycled. Our primary sign system utilizes materials efficiently, has a long life, and is easy to maintain by the client without the need for ongoing additional shipping. The product can be easily remanufactured. When possible, items we manufacture are identified with a label, so they can be returned for remanufacturing or recycling.

Building with local sustainable materials allows us to reduce shipping costs. We have installed our signage in millions of square feet of space in the New York City area over the past 30 years. Being a local supplier reduces the amount of energy used to install a sign system. This allows us to be more competitive, which is cost saving to the client and energy saving to the environment.

Precision Signs is dedicated to the continued advancement of environmentally sound processes and products and will strive to meet the ever-changing demands for improved, safer and cleaner practices.

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